The Plot Worked the First Time

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Who left a Lamborghini in the Everglades?

Photo by Aleks Dorohovich on Unsplash

Six weeks after the police were told about the Schiller abduction, the Sun Gym gang committed two brutal murders.

I first wrote about the Sun Gym gang of Miami in this article, so I suggest you read it first.

But kidnapping and torturing Marc Schiller was just the prelude to the murder of two innocent people. Unlike Schiller, they would not survive the Sun Gym gang.

In 1994 Danny Lugo and Adrian Doorbal, both members of Miami’s Sun Gym, successfully kidnapped Marc Schiller and took all his money, his cars, and his home. Schiller had survived but had fled to Colombia when the police didn’t believe his story. Now the two were ready to move on to their next victim. Once they saw a photo of the bright yellow Lamborghini Diablo, they knew who their next victim would be.

The bogus business deal

The 1990s were great for Frank Griga, 34, a Hungarian immigrant who lived in the exclusive neighborhood of Golden Shores in Miami. He was living the American dream, becoming a millionaire by running a business of phone sex lines. They were legal and very profitable. He met Krisztina Furton, 23, also Hungarian, at a strip club where she was dancing. The two fell in love and soon she moved into his mansion.

Frank and Krisztina had been talked into a meeting with Lugo and Doorbal for a possible business deal. The deal wasn’t real, it was just a ruse to get Frank where they wanted him. On May 24, 1995, the four of them were to go out to dinner to discuss it. Danny Lugo drove up to the mansion in his flashy gold Mercedes, Doorbal in the passenger seat. A neighbor noticed the car and the two bodybuilders whose muscular bodies were squeezed into designer suits. She would later remark that Frank seemed nervous.

Lugo drove his Mercedes; Frank followed in the Lambo. But it was late and by the time they got to Shula’s Steak House, it was closed. Somehow, they talked the couple into going to Doorbal’s apartment where Lugo’s girlfriend, Sabina waited for them. Her role was to keep Krisztina occupied while the men talked to Frank about the deal. She believed that Lugo was a “CIA operative” and this was a secret CIA operation.

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